Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shocking Shadow Pigments from HIP by L'Oreal: On Clearance at CVS!

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Here with another quickie review of two colors of the Shocking Shadow Pigments from L'Oreal's HIP (High Intensity Pigments) line- think their version of MAC- which are on clearance right now at CVS. Bear in mind, only some of the colors I saw were on clearance. The two I nabbed were Exciting, an ivory with a pink flash, and Unashamed, a metallic burgundy with some copper undertones. These are loose pigments meant to be used as eye shadows; like all loose eyeshadow, there's going to be a fallout issue, but these were surprisingly creamy in texture, so I don't think you'd have the same amount of fallout as you would with a powdery pigment. These were originally $11.99, but I got both of mien at 75% off, bringing them down to about $2.99. Honestly, I think the brush they come with is alone worth $2.99; it's pretty good! It's got a short little handle and a plastic cover that makes it great for travel, and it's surprisingly plush and soft for a brush included with a product- drugstore or not!

So, without further ado, here are some product shots of the Shocking Shadow Pigments in Exciting and Unashamed, from L'Oreal's HIP line.

the little schpeal on the back of the box, in case you were curious ;) 

It's a pretty sturdy little jar! It's all plastic, but it seems to be put together pretty well; none of it had leaked out before I opened it, and it was sealed on the inside as well as being packaged in the little box.

They come in little sifter jars

And here are the swatches; on the top is Exciting dry and then wet, and on the bottom is Unashamed dry and then wet. You can't see much of a difference in finish in these pictures between wet and dry; coverage was about the same, but they looked more shimmery dry and metallic wet. It was hard to capture Exciting's color in the photos because it is so pale; it's not exactly sheer, and seems to have a duochrome effect between an off-white and pink.
no flash; Exciting dry/wet on the top, and then Unashamed dry/wet below it
 You can see the actual finish a little better in the picture with the flash, even though you lose Exciting's pink glow:
Because I've only swatched these and not used them on my face, I can't assign a rating, but so far these seem pretty impressive! I think it's definitely worth the $2.99 gamble if you're at all interested in the colors.

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