Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Missed the Boat~ Aromaleigh

Hi All,

I got my swatches done on the Aromaleigh order I recieved a couple of weeks ago aaaand... the website is no longer accepting orders! So you can't get these, even if you wanted to :( The good news is that as a going out of business special, Miss K will be posting grab bags, so if you like what you see in general, you can wait for those to come up for sale. I got these for only a few bucks each since they're going out of business, and I found the quality to be mixed... Some colors are very sheer, and they seem to fade very quickly even when used with a base and/or wet. These are VERY sparkley colors; I'm not sure if it's my thing, but if it's yours, you'd probably be interested in the grab bags. I debated even posting these since they're not for sale anymore, but maybe someone will get a kick out of seeing these, get the opportunity to trade for them, etc... So, without further ado, here are the swatches!

 This is the Wonderstruck! collection, with Alice in Wonderland inspired color names:

 This is the Astronomical collection, with colors named after astronomical phenomena.

And finally, the Spells!, a collection with colors named after... you guessed it, Harry Potter spells!

And here are the swatches; they're all swatched first on the left dry with my finger, and on the right wet with a brush; there's a smudge of the eyeshadow on the paper label.



Big Bang

Drink Me! 

Temper, Temper
 Ok, from this swatch on, you can see a red irritation on my skin from where the previous swatch was. I'm not sure what this is- it didn't hurt- but my skin was definitely irritated from *something* in this product. None of the other colors did this to me. If you have sensitive skin... you may want to be wary. I can't say for sure what color this was, but my skin remained red and irritated in that one spot for awhile. I am positive it was not leftover pigment.

Pink Portent


 Tunnel Vision changed a lot depending on how the light hit it, so I included two pictures :)
Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

Priori Encantati


Milky Way

Melancholy Maiden

Dark Matter

Wingardium Leviosa
 This next one, Pass the Tarts, is by far the most pigmented. And look at how different it looks dry and wet!
Pass the Tarts

Well, there they are, hope you guys enjoyed seeing them! Sorry they're no longer available, I didn't realize that Miss K was so close to closing her blog! I can't say I'd have ordered from them again if the colors weren't being sold for clearance prices; that being said, even though they weren't for me (sheer and glittery!), I'm sure these are just what some people love. 

Night, kittens!


  1. You can get Nyx at CVS/Target?? I've never seen it! hooray.

  2. Nope! It's a small company (I've seen it referred to as indie, even, although it feels bigger than that to me!). The only national retailer I know of for them is Ulta, but they have a very small selection. Some beauty supply stores carry them, though, so check around, especially at the non-chain ones. If you can't find them locally but want to try them out, I'd recommend waiting for the website to run one of their 1/2 off sales, and order from them then :) Hope that helps!


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