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Sheer Berry: Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh

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This next  product I almost didn't include in this series because it really is a lip treatment, as opposed to a cosmetic item. However, the color is sheer and pretty, perfect for day, and I absolutely love how moisturizing this is. I wear it at night, I wear it under other lip glosses and lipsticks, I wear it on its own because it's subtle and natural looking, but has just barely enough color to keep me from looking washed out.  I'm including this because for some of you, this might be just the perfect introduction to berry if you're scared of wearing something darker, and for some others of you, it might be a life-saver for your dry chapped lips this winter. I'll be honest; I hesitated long and hard before spending $22.50 on a lip balm. You can get chapstick for a tenth of the price. Does this work ten times better? Yes. Yes it does. In fact, so much better that I picked up a backup when Sephora was running their 20% off friends and family promotion because I didn't want to be without this product. It's safely tucked away somewhere so secret, even I can't find it now, so you are getting pictures of my much-loved first Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment.

First, let's talk about the formula. This is so moisturizing. It's creamy without being opaque or milky looking like some lip butters can be. It's not slippery or oily, and the product stays where you put it. Also, you can get a nice thick layer on there if you want it to last overnight, or you can put just a dab on and rub it all around if you want to wear it underneath another lip product just for some moisturization. Another plus? I never get the weird white gunk in the corner of my lips that some other moisturizing lip products give you. It tastes terrible, but the results are so worth it, and after reading lots of reviews on Sephora, it seems like the taste might not bother most people as much as it gets to me, so I wouldn't let this stop you from at least trying it out. And honestly, I don't lick my lips, so I rarely taste it. The scent is very nice; it's light, doesn't last long, and is a nice freshly sweet lemon scent. This moisturizer smooths out my lips, fixing chapped lips overnight and making lip lines less noticeable, and my lips get so soft when I've been using this. I love it to death. It puts all other lip balms to shame, and I've tried lots of less expensive products- Burt's Bees, Chapstick, Carmex, Nivea, Aveeno, Korres... This blows them all out of the water. Honestly, I rarely give rave reviews, but this product is one of my favorites, and while this might not be perfect for everyone, if you're in the market... definitely give it a try. Another huge plus? It includes SPF 15 coverage, and as everyone knows, protecting your skin from sun damage is important for cosmetic as well as health reasons, and the lip area is an oft-forgotten place when it comes to sunscreen.

Now, let's talk about the color. It's an incredibly sheer warm true-berry color; it's not a cool purple, but purple-enough that it's not a shade of pink or red, either. It adds just enough sheer color to brighten up the face without making it look super obvious that you are wearing any lip color; it just looks like a slightly glossy balm.

So, the first picture is of my well-loved case. As you can see, the white printing on it is beginning to wear off, but the case is a nice sturdy metal. It's not shiny, so it doesn't carry fingerprints, and the metal itself isn't getting scuffed or scratched. The case is actually a really gorgeous color of velvety purple. In size, this is a little larger than the average tube of lipstick but not by much, and it's on the heavy side because of the sturdy metal case.

My super-loved Sugar Lip Treatment

And here it is with the cap off, twisted up a bit. The product isn't angled, but because it's so sheer you don't really need to worry about getting a super-precise application. As you can see, there are some threads around the base of the product, so the cap screws on and off instead of popping on or off, so you can carry it around as much as you like without worrying about the lid coming off.

Sugar Plum Lip Treatment by Fresh
And here's a swatch! Super sheer, a nice warm berry shade with some shine.

Sugar Plum

And here's a shot of the lip treatment on my lips. This is as dark as it gets, it's on there pretty heavy.

Sugar Plum on my lips, no flash
 And here it is on my lips with the flash on:

Sugar Plum on my lips, with the flash

Aaaand a full face shot with the flash:
Sugar Plum Lip Treatment on my lips, with the flash. 

Here's a full-face shot without the flash. See how subtle it is? It's a nice basic product to carry around everywhere.
Sugar Plum lip treatment on my lips, no flash
Rating: 10 out of 10 

I will hand out a 10/10 for this product with no hesitation. It's awesome. It's a completely practical lip balm that works wonders, and the bit of tint makes it great for everyday wear when you want something to brighten up your face, but don't want to worry about matching it to the rest of your makeup or looking done-up if you're not wearing any. At $22.50, it's an investment, but if you get chapped lips or even just want softer, smoother looking lips, I'd give this a try. Especially if you purchase it from Sephora, they have a great return policy, so if you're not happy with it you can return it (though I hope that if you try it you're as happy with it as I've been)! And, as always, if you have questions about the rating system, you can find a quick explanation in the last paragraph of this blog post: Night Out 

Thanks all! 

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