Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rimmel Kiss and Stay Lip Gloss: On Clearance at CVS!

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The next item from my giant CVS haul is the Rimmel Kiss and Stay Lip Gloss. I've never tried this product before, but it's there version of a long-wear lipstick, much in the same vein as the version Revlon and CoverGirl put out, with the liquid lipstick on one end and a gloss on the other end to keep it from looking too dry. Not having worn it yet, I can't comment as to how it compares, but after swatching it I'm convinced that it's almost the same. Because I tend to like Rimmel (their things are relatively good quality, inexpensive, and they have fashion-forward colors) I picked up three; originally priced at $7.99, I got these beauties for 75% off, and a mere $2 a pop! The colors I got were Dream On, a light brown/nude color duo, Lustrous Nude, which was actually a kind of rosy color, and Lasting Passion, a berry mauve. The glosses each came with looked like different colors in the tube, but are so sheer they might as well all be a clear base with subtle variations on iridescent shimmer/ glitter. A great feature is that these are interchangeable, so if you decide you like a different combo of gloss/ liquid lipstick, they snap apart and back together. Let's jump right in and look at what we've got...

Here are all three products; they come shrink wrapped, which is nice and safe and clean. Or at least relatively so.

Rimmel Kiss and Stay Lip Gloss
 This first color is Dream On, a pale brown nude:

Rimmel Kiss and Stay in Dream On

You can see here how the gloss unsnaps from the lipstick part; the doefoot applicator for the lipstick is attached to the middle section, and unscrews, while the brush for the gloss is attached to the white snappy part that connects to the middle section. It felt like the gloss had leaked a little when I unwrapped this, so I'm concerned about the lid staying on tightly.

Ok, and here's the brush applicator for the gloss. It was really frayed, and obviously not from use since it was sealed up. My camera would only focus on the pretty background, but you can see some of the bristles standing out sideways.

And here's the product swatched on my skin; the gloss is a clear base with lots of little shimmers in it that lightens up and de-frosts the liquid lipstick; The top is both products layered, the one in the middle/ left is just the gloss, and the bottom is just the liquid lipstick.

Dream On

And here's Lustrous Nude, a rosy color with a hint of peach:

Kiss and Stay Lip Gloss in Lustrous Nude
 And here it is swatched on my skin; the top left is just the gloss, which is a mostly clear base with some small glitter/ shimmer, on the top right is the gloss over the liquid lipstick, and on the bottom is the liquid lipstick by itself.

Lustrous Nude

Lustrous Nude

The last color is Lasting Passion, which is a mauve-berry color.

Kiss and Stay Lip gloss in Lasting Passion
 Same drill as before; top left is the gloss, which is mostly clear (a hint of pink) with some shimmer, on the top right is the gloss over the lip color, and on the bottom is the lip color by itself.

Lasting Passion

Lasting Passion
Let me tell you, these things would not wash off. I'm betting they'll stay put for hours and hours despite food and drink. I'm going to have to get used to using waterproof makeup remover if I plan on wearing these much.   If you think these are a product you'd like, go check them out while they're on clearance at CVS before they run out!

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