Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kohl Eyeliner from L'Oreal's HIP line, on Clearance at CVS!

Hello all,

I have another mini-review of the Kohl Eyeliner from L'Oreal's HIP line, which is on clearance at CVS right now! It's 75% off the original price of about $14 dollars (sorry, my receipt doesn't have the original prices, so I'm trying to add up the "amount saved" with the "amount charged", but I'm getting uneven numbers...), putting it at a very reasonable $3.45. I picked these up in the "Burgundy Kohl" shade, and the "Navy Kohl" color.  These are obviously a knock-off of Guerlain's eye kohl, from the packaging to the applicator; having never used the Guerlain product, I can't comment on the actual product itself, but I'm guessing this is supposed to approximate that. It's a powder product, so yes fallout will probably be a problem, but like the eyeshadow pigments from HIP, the powder is "creamy", making it less powdery and messy. The shape of the package is a little awkward; you can't really set down the applicator when it's not in the case, as you'll be able to see in my awkward photos. However, the color is pretty, and it seems fairly pigmented (though not surprisingly so). The application looks like it may be a bit tricky- I've never used an applicator like this one- but from swatching it, I don't think it'll be a problem after a little bit of practice. It might be great for a smokey eye.

So, for some pictures!

Burgundy Kohl Eyeliner:
Burgundy Kohl Eyeliner

Burgundy Kohl Eyeliner

Navy Kohl Eyeliner:
Navy Kohl Eyeliner

And here you can see the applicator; it's a wand with a felt tip, like a lot of liquid eyeliners come with.

So, you can wear this pigment as an eyeshadow as well as an eyeliner; just pick it up off the applicator with your finger or brush, rather than applying directly to the eye with the applicator.

This swatch is of Burgundy on top, first applied sheer with my finger (you can see how pigmented it is) and then directly onto my arm with the applicator, and then Navy applied sheer with my finger as an eyeshadow, and then onto my arm with the applicator.

Burgundy and Navy Kohl Eyeliner 

You can really see the shine on Burgundy in this picture; it's much more metallic than Navy, which is mostly matte with just a little bit of light shimmer.

Because I haven't worn these or even applied them on my eyes, I can't really give these a rating or recommend them. I took a chance on them, and even though you've seen my first glance of them, I can't really say how they'll wear. Overall, these seem like they'll be fun to play with; even if I end up hate the applicator for eye lining, they'll make gorgeous eye shadows, and for the price you really can't beat this! Hopefully if you want these, you'll be able to find them at your local CVS!

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