Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sally Hansen Cream Blush: on Clearance at CVS!

Hello Everyone!

My next product is another one from Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty line; it's their "Sheerest Cream Blush", and I picked mine up in Rosy. Originally $8.99, I picked mine up for a very reasonable $2.25. I really like this formula, at least having swatched it on my hand; it's very pigmented, but you can apply it sheerly. It doesn't stay tacky on the skin; it really is a fairly dry creamy consistency, not sticky at all. It goes on evenly, too, with no patchiness, and seems to blend out pretty evenly. With no further ado, I bring you photos of Sally Hansen's Sheerest Cream Blush in Rosy:

In the package. 

Rosy, out of the package. 
 The compact in my hand; it's a pretty good size, weighing in at .1 oz:

Here's a photo with no flash; it's not super sharp, but this is truer to color than the picture with flash. It's a dark mauvey pink. The product is blended out on top, and applied heavily on the bottom:

Rosy Cream Blush, no flash
 And here's a picture with the flash; you can see the finish a bit better here. It's not quite as orange in real life as it looks here; it's kind of mauvey pink.

Rosy swatched on my arm, with the flash
This is a pretty neat product, I'm glad I picked it up! I wish they'd had the lighter colors on clearance as well; I may have to keep my eyes open for coupons and sales and try to grab a few more of these in the future. If you like cream blushes, or want to try them out and not spend a lot, I think this is a good place to start; the formula feels a lot like NARS' cream blush to me. I haven't worn it on my face or for longer than it takes to swatch, so I can't speak to how it wears, but so far, so good!

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