Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ok beauties, I have all of the pictures of this CVS haul taken, and they are being uploaded onto my computer as I type. I bought 22 items; all but 3 were 75% off, and originally drugstore priced. All but two were less than $3.50. I'm not proud of this haul; I hadn't quite meant to grab so many things, but at these prices, I got a chance to try out products and lines I'd been curious about but hadn't wanted to invest $10 to experiment with. Sure, some of these were disappointments, but a few of these products were surprisingly good!

Now, you need to understand that these are not full reviews; you're seeing these items for the first time along with me! I don't know how they wear or stand up to long term use; these are all first impressions. I haven't even put these on my face yet, just swatched them on my arm and hands. However, I wanted to get these up so if there's anything you think you might like, you can take a chance on them and nab them at these great prices before they're gone!

Another note: if you haven't already, sign up for a CVS card! When you make beauty purchases using it, you get special perks; I think for every so much you spend, you get coupons towards future purchases, but I only just signed up so I don't know how this works in practice. The information about this program can be found by clicking here. I asked to sign up in-store and was told that just having a CVS card automatically gets me these perks, but I'm not convinced; I may have to take my receipt back and get them to enroll me in the special beauty club, because I want my coupons!

Here are some teaser pics of my haul!

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