Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forever Stay Moisture Gloss from Sally Hansen Natural Beauty: On Clearance at CVS!

Woo-hoo, I'm on a roll, and to celebrate... I'm doing another of these quickie CVS Clearance haul posts. (*waah waawaaah*)  I have another product from the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty line; this is the Forever Stay Moisture Gloss. I grabbed two, a warm plum-brown called Mochachino, which has a glossy, near opaque finish with no shimmer, and Rose Satin, which is a nearly opaque cranberry color with a subtle hint of shimmer. These glosses are creamy feeling, not sticky, and incredibly pigmented. They faintly smell of orange oil, but only faintly; I doubt I'd smell them on my lips after thirty seconds. In fact, it's a scent I like, so I wouldn't mind if this smell was stronger! According to the website,, these are paraben free and contain vitamins A and E, in addition to jojoba oil, kokum butter, and grapefruit extract. Hmm. So I guess they faintly smell of grapefruit extract... not orange oil. These were originally priced at $11.99, it looks like, but I got mine for $2.87.

Ok, so here are the lipglosses as they arrived, all wrapped up. Mochachino is on the bottom, and Rose Satin is at the top.
Forever Stay Moisture Glosses
 This one is Rose Satin:
Rose Satin Forever Stay Moisture Gloss
 And here is Mochachino:
Mochachino Forever Stay Moisture Gloss
 And Mochachino again; you can see the slightly angled, doe-foot applicator here:
 And Rose Satin:
Rose Satin Gloss
 Finally here are the colors swatched on my skin; Rose Satin is on the right, Mochachino on the left. They're both very pretty and feel great.

Swatch of Forever Stay Moisture Gloss; Mochachino on the left, Rose Satin on the right. 
These seem like great glosses, I have high hopes for them! In fact, I may even go back and see if there are more colors for me to snatch up... The price is great, and the color pay-off is awesome. Definitely check these out if you like glosses.

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