Monday, January 24, 2011

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in Cherry Bloom


I reviewed Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in in Berry Dazzle here a few days ago, and I'm back with my review of the second color I picked up, Cherry Bloom. Maybelline came out with these glosses a few years back, and they come in a variety of interesting colors and textures, each with a different scent and taste that is supposedly supposed to match the fruit the shade is named after. I say "supposed to", since in my experience with these two, they just smell and taste like different generic saccharine sweet flavors. I like Cherry Bloom a lot better than Berry Dazzle. Like Berry Dazzle, Cherry Bloom retails at $5.99 for .38 ounces, and comes in a squeeze tube applicator with an angled tip, meant to be applied directly from the tube to the lip. This isn't my favorite kind of applicator; I prefer liquid lip products in a tube with a wand. However, my biggest complaint with this product is the taste and the scent; both are cloyingly sweet, although Cherry Bloom seems to be more generically sweet than Berry Dazzle's fruity sweet scent, and it also isn't as synthetic-smelling. It's still not great, but I find myself getting used to this one a lot faster than Berry Dazzle; I only notice it if I accidentally lick my lips. However, this is personal preference, and if you know you are sensitive to taste and scent in your makeup products, I would pass on the Shine Sensational glosses.

Cherry Bloom is a pale iridescent pink color; you really have to layer this one on to see the full iridescence, but even a thin coat gives nice shine with a bit of flash to it. I think it's a nice way to do a pale lip that isn't frosty or milky. It's not sticky; it's less tacky than Berry Dazzle, and the textures is much nicer since it doesn't have the gritty glitter in it that Berry Dazzle did.

So, here are some pictures of the product; you can get an idea of what the color is through the tube, even though it looks relatively sheer (but shimmery) on the lips.

Cherry Bloom

Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in Cherry Bloom

Notice the built-in molded applicator tip
 And here's a swatch. It's a peachy pink with high shimmer and shine.

Swatch of Cherry Bloom

And here's a shot of Cherry Bloom on my lips, no flash! It's pretty sheer, but it definitely looks different than my lips alone.

Cherry Bloom, no flash
 And here's a photo of my entire face without flash:

Wearing Cherry Bloom on my lips, no flash

And again, my mouth with flash. You can begin to see some of the shimmer and glow with the light hitting the gloss, here, although it was hard to catch all of that in pictures.

Cherry Bloom, flash

And here's a shot of my face with the gloss.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Cherry Bloom definitely beat Berry Dazzle's rating of 4/10. This is for sure not my go-to lip gloss, and I doubt any shade would ever be because of the packaging and taste/scent issues, but Cherry Bloom has a pleasant-enough texture, and it's a nice pale gloss that doesn't change my natural color too much, but adds some shimmer and shine. If you're looking to try this line out, this gloss might be a good place to start, since it's pretty but doesn't have much color. At any rate, I wouldn't recommend the glittery shades based on my experience with Berry Dazzle; the iridescent colors may be more in line with Cherry Bloom's more pleasant texture. However, if you think that the taste and scent issues would be too much for you, or that the applicator style might bother you, I'd pass on these.

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  1. Love this a soft champagne pink......pit it doesnt last long. Could be the tropical weather. But I still love it. And the smell is just wonderful:)


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