Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MAC Lipstick in Snob

Hello All,

And we are back to regular programming! After two days of those crazy reviews of products I've barely used, I'm looking forward to getting back into reviews that are a little more thorough. Hopefully I inspired you guys to go out and adventure at your local CVS, though, while they have this awesome clearance sale!

Anyway, moving on... The next product I have for you is MAC Lipstick in Snob. I have a handful of MAC lipsticks; they have awesome promotional, limited edition collections, and I am a fan of their sleek, professional looking package. However, I find their line inconsistent; even products within the line seem to have varying levels of payoff, pigmentation, and wear time. On the plus side, it's readily available online through the MAC website, and at lots of Macy's and Nordstrom stores, and tends to be a little more affordable than most other high-end makeup brands; their lipsticks, for instance, are $14.50 (for .1 ounces), compared to Urban Decay's $22 (for .14 ounces of product), and NARS' $24 (which weigh in at .12 ounces). So, I'm reviewing Snob today, a pale lilac-pink pastel lipstick that is part of MAC's permanent collection. I don't know what possessed me to buy this color; it's adorable in the tube, but looks terrible on me. I think I wanted a mod-looking light pink... This... is not it. It's just unflattering. You'll have to try it on for yourself to decide if this color would look good on you or not. On me, it makes my skin look grubby and washed out. Color aside, it applies like paint; thick and opaque, and it's hard to get a sharp line straight out of the tube.

I don't even know why I am posting pictures of myself wearing this color, but I guess I wanted to show some more unusual colors, and I understand that even if something doesn't work on me, it may be a color someone else has always been wondering about or looking for. So here goes nothing.

Here's the signature MAC bullet-shaped lipstick tube. I rather like these; they're lightweight, sleek, and just the right cross of edgy and feminine. They're not gimmicky, but not purely functional, either.

And here is Snob in the tube with no flash. Not bad, right?

Snob by MAC, in the tube; innocuous. 
 Even a swatch on my hand doesn't look too bad; it's creamy and opaque, a kind of cool pink with a hint of purple to it. I'm reminded of "wisteria" from my childhood Crayola box of crayons...

Snob by Mac; a dupe for Crayola's Wisteria? 

Uh oh. This is where it starts getting bad. Now I have to wonder if my camera is trying to be merciful by refusing to focus on my lips.

Snob by MAC on my lips, no flash. 


Snob by MAC on my lips, flash. 

Ok, ok, it's a little better when we back it up. Still not great.

Full face with Snob on the lips, taken with flash. 
 Less light turns out to be a good thing for hiding this unflattering color, too.

Snob on my lips, no flash. 
Rating: 6 out of 10

I'm giving this lipstick formula a 6/10 rating, since it's not bad, but is tricky to apply; it's opaque, creamy, and very thick, yet settles into lines and shows every little mistake. However, it's not drying, has no flavor, and has a very light, generic "makeup" scent- something kind of sweet like vanilla.  I'm giving the color a 2/10, however. At least on me; you'll have to decide for yourself if this is a shade that you want.

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  2. I think it was one of these deals where my mom thought it was super-cute and bought it for me... I NEVER wear it!


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