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Pink Lemonade All Over Color Stick by E.L.F.

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If you're a bargain beauty shopper, you've probably heard of E.L.F., or Eyes, Lips, Face. Most of their products are $1 or $3 dollars, and they tend to put out "dupes" for popular products from more expensive brands. You can buy them on their website,, where they often run sales and free shipping promotions, and part of their line is available at Target. Some people swear by their products, but I haven't had great luck with the few things I've tried. Today, I'm showing you the All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade. This product seems to be the same ideas as NARS' "The Multiple"; it's a creamy stick that you can use on... you guessed it... Eyes, Lips, or Face. Guess what? I tried all three! The formula is better than expected; it's not greasy, and doesn't stay sticky, but it's also not drying. It's pigmented enough that you don't have to load it on for color, however it's not so pigmented that you have to be really careful about application. However, I don't know that it really excels on eyes, lips, OR face, much less all three. On my eyes, it creased, even on top of a base. It wasn't bad, and if I'd set it with some translucent powder it might have lasted longer, but any creasing isn't ideal. On my cheeks, it applied unevenly, so I had to be very careful about blending, and it seemed to fade after a few hours. I really liked the color on my lips, but it's hard to apply straight out of the tube because of the size, and I don't tend to like to use lip brushes if I can help it. However, it's small enough that you can throw it in your bag for touch-ups if you want to use it on your face and need to reapply throughout the day, and it definitely worked on lips, even if I did have to use a little extra care when applying it. It's worth saying, I had better luck applying it to my cheeks after putting it on my fingers and letting it warm up and soften a little first.

My one big complaint about this product is that it broke! Ok, it was only a buck; this is reflected in the packaging, even if the product is comparable to average drugstore quality. The entire stick of product came out of the plastic tube when I pulled the lid off the fourth of fifth time I used it, and I had to set it back in as carefully as I could. You can see the mess this created in the pictures I'm about to show you here today.

Here's the packaging. You can see a nick in the front of the product from where The Incident- when the product came out of the tube.
Pink Lemonade by E.L.F. 
 And here it is uncapped:

And again in my hand...

Finally, onto some swatches! The color is very shimmery, almost frosted; when you blend it out, it doesn't look quite so intense, though. It's a very pretty, if unusual color; it's pink with a white shimmer, but the white seems to have an almost blue cast. It's not a duochrome by any means, though, so that hint of blue isn't what your eye immediately registers.

Pink Lemonade All Over Color Stick, no flash

Pink Lemonade All Over Color Stick, flash

Here it is on my lips, no flash:

And with flash, on my lips; you can see how frosty/ shimmery this is, and the hint of cool blue that the white shimmer has. It's so subtle, but it adds some depth to this; I think a straight white shimmer would just look like your grandma's lipstick. I think this is pretty!

And here's a full-face shot; I have Pink Lemonade on my eyelids, my cheeks, and my lips. I am using the flash in this photograph.

Another full-face photo with the flash:

And here is what the product looks like without flash:

Pink Lemonade on my eyelids! 

Rating: 6 out of 10

Overall, I'd give this product a 6/10. It's really versatile, which I like, and the perfect size to throw into a bag, which is a great option given its multiple uses- and its tendency to fade. This is alright on eyes- it creased minimally- and I think with some extra effort (using a base and a powder to set it) it might not crease at all on regular or dry skin. I love this on lips, too; it's a modern way to do a frosted lip, and it's fun. This would be such a cute lip look with a sun dress, heels, and a big flower in your hair this summer. And, for just $1, if you think you might like it at least as much as I do, it may be a good addition to your beauty arsenal. Just be careful about the packaging coming apart and the product coming un-stuck from the base! I was able to repair mine (it's still fragile, though), but it easily could have been ruined after just a little over a month of irregular use. Really, with this kind of a packaging issue, I should  have knocked it down a point and  given it a 5/10 rating, but the price has biased me; if it breaks and I want another, I'm only out $1, and for that kind of money, I didn't expect good quality. It's the product itself- not the package- that's getting a 6.

As always, thanks for reading!

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