Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sally Hansen Eye Palette: CVS Clearance!

Hey Dolls,

I've got YET ANOTHER product from the CVS clearance to show you! This is an eye palette in Quartz- it has three eye colors- from the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty: Inspired by Carmindy (the makeup artist from What Not to Wear!) line, which I've been curious to try. However, I haven't heard a lot about these products online; haven't stumbled across reviews, and since Sally Hansen is better known for their nail polishes, I've stuck to those. Before the sale, this line was a bit on the pricey side for drugstore products, so I was hesitant to try this line sight unseen. For instance, the regular price of this eyeshadow was around $8.75 for an average amount of product. I got this for 75%, and it came to $2.12.

Keeping in line with Carmindy's trademark "natural" makeup look, these colors tend to be very classic and neutral. This eyeshadow set is no exception; it has a plummy-taupe shade, a rose-gold color, and a smaller tray of a deep coppery brown. The compact is pretty big for the amount of product, and a little bit bulky, especially considering it doesn't have a mirror, and only comes with the standard double-ended sponge-tipped applicator. However, aside from the bulk, the compact is pretty sturdy for being entirely plastic, and stays shut without being difficult to open. The eyeshadows are medium-heavy coverage; very good for drugstore eyeshadows, but only medium when compared to Urban Decay, NARS, and most other high-end brands. However, when used with a primer and a light colored base, the colors will be brighter; as they are, they are appropriate for a lovely soft daytime eye, which I think is how they were intended to be used anyway. The smaller bronze color is much more pigmented than the top two, making me think that they were designed to not be opaque.

On to pictures!

So, here are the swatches on my skin; I have the "highlight" shade on the top, the "lid" shade in the middle, and the "contour" shade on the bottom.

The shades are really pretty and have a lot of depth, but they're not really unusual. However, with these three shades you can create a beautiful day look for eyes, and the darkest color all over the lid and the medium color above the crease with black eyeliner would be lovely for night, if you're trying to pack light or like having "day to night" products.  For the price, this is a great way to try out some new products, and these eye shadows are really pretty, if not drop-dead gorgeous, unique shades.

Thanks guys, hope you're finding your own bargains at the CVS Clearance sale!

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