Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick: CVS Clearance!

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I've got a few more things from the ongoing CVS Clearance to show you! This next product is the Continuous Color Lipstick from CoverGirl. I grabbed it up in two shades; Pepperpink, which is more of a red/ cranberry color with strong pink undertones, and Rosy Wine, which is a frosty lilac mauve. They're originally $5.99; I got mine for about $3 each since they were 50% off. Since these are little blitz reviews to get a few pictures up and let you know what's out there in case you want to catch them before they're gone, I don't have a lot of experience with these products aside from simply swatching them; however, I did try these on briefly. They're less creamy than a lot of lipsticks, but went on pretty smoothly. In the future, I'll probably use a little bit of lip balm underneath them, since my lips tend to get dry. The formula has a faintly synthetic scent, but no flavor. These lipsticks seem pretty chintzy, but they're pretty colors, and for just a few bucks, if it's a color you like, why not? They went on evenly and gave a nice, opaque color, so even if the packaging doesn't look luxe, and if it doesn't feel as wonderful on the lip as some other products, they're perfectly serviceable.

Onto the pictures!

CoverGirl Continuous Lip Color in the Package

These are the claims made by the package; I'm not convinced from my all-too-brief experience with them, but I guess time will tell.

Here they are side by side, out of the package:
CoverGirl Continous Color Lipstick

Here's the color in the tube; the one on the left is Rosy Wine, and Pepperpink is on the right.

Rosy Wine and Pepperpink lipsticks

And here's Rosy Wine again:
Rosy Wine Continuous Color Lipstick

Some of them had bubbles in them that were visible while they were still in the package. I looked for two that didn't have those, but when I twisted up Pepperpink, I found a bubble. Yet another reason I feel like this isn't the best quality lipstick out there; I've never had this problem with another company, and this line seemed to pretty consistently have these pockets.

Pepperpink's poor pocket

And here they are swatched! Rosy Wine is on the top, Pepperpink on the bottom.

Hey, not the best quality, I don't know that these were the best purchases from my haul, but they're not absolutely awful, either. We'll see how they wear! If you fell in love with either color, make sure you head over to CVS before they're gone!

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