Thursday, January 20, 2011

Downtown by NARS

Hi All!

I'm bringing you a review and swatches of Downtown, a lipgloss released with NARS' Winter collection, but it looks like it's being added to the permanent collection. Boy, am I glad, too! I love NARS lip glosses, and this one is unusual, and a real stunner. It's a medium metallic lavender with a pink shimmery flash, and although it goes on pretty opaque, it can be worn sheer, as well, and looks AWESOME on top of lipsticks.

NARS lipsticks in general are highly pigmented, so even the sheer colors leave a tint of color, and aren't sticky or heavy; it doesn't feel like you have a thick layer on top of your lips. Downtown is a little different, maybe because of the opaque metallic formula. It's goopier- not exactly sticky- but definitely thicker. It lasts on my lips a couple of hours before I feel the need to touch it up or reapply, which is longer than most lip glosses on me. They'll run you $24 for .28 oz, which is a little more product than average. NARS is one of my favorite makeup companies; their products are high quality, and the colors range from unique to classic, but are usually updated twists on classics, which I think are my favorite sorts of colors to wear. I really think it's a brand that doesn't get enough credit- not counting cult-favorite Orgasm- because there are a lot of hidden treasures. At any rate, Downtown is a really neat product.

So, let's start with the packaging. It's a chic frosted plastic, rectangular tube with a matte black cap. It doesn't hold fingerprints, but gets a little grubby after awhile. I also like that it's not too bulky or heavy, even though it has a lot more product than some bigger, bulkier glosses (Urban Decay Pocket Rockets and the Buxom glosses, for instance!). It has a basic doe-foot applicator, which is my favorite for applying lipgloss; I think it's more sanitary than a pot, easier than a squeezy tube, and simpler than a brush.

NARS lipgloss in Downtown

NARS gloss in Downtown

And here's the swatch! I showed you the bright one so you could see the crazy shimmer. It gets bigger if you click it, and then you can see some more detail!  In both swatches, I have a thicker, more opaque swatch on the left, and a sheer version on the right.

NARS gloss in Downtown, flash

NARS gloss in Downtown, no flash

 And here it is on my lips without flash. For reference, I applied it medium-thick in all of these pictures; you could wear it sheerer, or completely opaque if you choose. Personally, I think the color is less flattering opaque on me, so I like wearing it a little bit more sheer.

Downtown, no flash

And a full-face shot without flash.

Downtown, no flash
 And again, with flash! Look at that shimmer!

Downtown, flash
 And on my face with flash!

Downtown, flash!
Rating: 8 out of 10

I really like this color! It's eye-catching without resorting to "dark" or "bright" or "glittery." Aside from the color, the formula is really nice, too. Yes, it's a little goopier than most NARS glosses, but it's still nice and smooth without feeling sticky or oily, and it's light enough on the lips that it doesn't feel uncomfortable. There's no scent or taste, and the wear time is better than average, at least on me. It doesn't look streaky or patchy, and it stays on pretty evenly, too. If you like glosses but want something with more color than your average sheer shimmery pink lip gloss, check this out! And if you like layering gloss over lipstick, this is an awesome tool for your arsenal.

Thanks Dolls! It's been a pleasure, as always.

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