Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rimmel Eyeshadow Trio in Maritime: CVS Clearance

Hi All,

The first item I have to show you from the CVS clearance sale is an eyeshadow trio by Rimmel in Maritime, which features a silvery-grey blue (think the color of seafoam), a hazy aqua that leans towards robin's egg blue, and a color close to a brighter wedgewood blue. It was 75% off at my local CVS, bringing it down from $6.49 to $1.59. Not too bad! These colors are bright, but all a little bit hazy, making them not as shocking as a truer version of these colors would be, which is perfect for me. The formula is powdery but smooth, and the pigmentation is decent enough; you're not going to get opaque, vibrant color right off the bat, but you'll get something close to a true color if you use this over a primer and a white or ivory cream eyeshadow or base.

Here are some quick shots of the product itself:

No flash; very true-to-life

With flash; gives you an idea of how these will flash when the light hits them. 
 And here are some swatches on my arm; these are packed on as dark as they'll go without any sort of primer or base. You could brighten them up a bit by using primer and a light colored base as I've suggested above.  These are backwards from how they appear in the compact; the darkest color is on the top on my arm, the lightest on the bottom (in the compact, the lightest color was on the top, the darkest was on the bottom).

If these colors are your deal, this is a great buy! And if, like me, you don't tend to wear really electric blues, this is a nice compromise, and a way to wear the color without it looking too over the top!

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