Saturday, April 16, 2011

NP Set Lipstick in Havana

So, I've had my eye on the "high end" cosmetics brands available at Target that they brought in a few years ago for awhile. However, I've been apprehensive to buy cosmetics at department store prices from Target; first off, the packaging always looks jacked, like kids have been tearing it apart. Second, I always wonder how the quality is going to stack up. But, I'd tested Havana awhile ago and I really liked it, and so when I was at Target last week, I picked it up on a whim; I'd been looking for a pale nude-pink for awhile and hadn't had too much luck finding something that wasn't too dark or too brown, so I went for it! 

Am I glad I did? Sure. Will I be snatching up more NP Set lipsticks? Probably not. NP Set is a mid-priced range of products from Australian makeup artist Napoleon Perdis. His regular line is sold in boutiques (I can't go into the one closest to me, it's too cute and makes me want to buy everything) and at Ulta stores. NP Set is a more affordable alternative that is geared towards offering fashion-forward looks for the time-pressed woman. Not sure why these cosmetics are specifically for people who are time pressed- because you can pick them up while you're at Target?- since the products seem standard. At any rate, they are meant to be nourishing (for instance, these lipsticks have shea butter and avocado oil) and they are a 98% paraben free range. The lipsticks are completely paraben free. If you want more information on this line, you can find their website here:

Havana is a slightly iridescent pink nude cream. The iridescence is really subtle, but makes the color look glowier and fresher than a lot of nude creams. This also significantly cools down my natural lip color without looking unnatural. The lipsticks feel a little bit greasy on, and fade after a couple of hours, but I do think they moisturize a little bit while they're on. They retail for $15 for a fairly generous .14 ounces of product. These are certainly more expensive than drug store lipsticks, but not quite up to NARS, Urban Decay pricing. 

Lots of pictures! 

The box! 

Requisite cheeky caption!

The ingredients, for those of you with sensitivities! 

NP Set Lipstick; the tube is fairly standard, just white plastic.

NP Set Lipstick in Havana; I like that the color is in the cap. 

Here's NP Set's Havana twisted up. A nice rosey nude pink. 

And a swatch of NP Set's Havana on my wrist...

Here's NP Set's Havana on my lips; it looks significantly cooler on me than it did in the tube or even on a swatch. No Flash.

Close up of NP Set's Havana on my lips, no flash. See what I mean about it being *almost* iridescent? It's gorgeous in person.

NP Set Havana, flash

Havana, flash
Rating: 6 out of 10

I'm not disappointed by this product, but I'm certainly not impressed, either. While I love the color, and it certainly fills a niche in my stash, I'm not blown away by the formula. It's fine, but it doesn't last very long, and while it doesn't feel bad going on, the slightly oily slick feeling isn't my favorite lipstick texture. I'm probably being overly sensitive to this, since greasy lipsticks are a pet peeve of mine (along with tight ones!). However, it's not drying, there is no scent or taste, and it's paraben free. I don't think this is my new go-to formula, but I would purchase another really unique color from this line if I stumbled upon it. I like the formula more than a lot of drugstore lipsticks, but significantly less than a lot of $24 dollar lipsticks, so I guess the price tag is reflective of the formula. But I wonder if I wouldn't rather just spend less and get something a little more annoying but save my ten bucks, or just go ahead and splurge on a lipstick that stays put for a longer time and has a better texture. I think if you are a fan of this color, the lipstick is worth a try; I am thrilled with the color, and it seems to go with a lot of "casual" looks that I just want to tie together with a lip color. I'm looking forward to trying other products from this line, even if I wasn't blown away by the lipstick. I have my eye on some of their bath products, the citrus one smells amazing! 


  1. Havana is beautiful, it's too bad the formula isn't very good!

  2. Greasy lipsticks are horrid for me, as well. I really liked your review; it was nice and detailed! Out of curiosity, have you tried MAC's Cremesheens? I find that their texture is almost balmy and very easy to wear (for me at least).

    Fierce Nerditude

  3. @Vintage Makeup: I know, lovely color! I wish the formula were better, but I'm still happy about it.

    @Vijaya: I am glad you liked my review, I try to provide lots of detailed information for people who can't/ don't have the time to see the products I review. I have tried on Cremesheens at the MAC counter, but I don't own any. I agree, though, I like lipsticks that wear like balm-as long as they're sheer! Otherwise they get messy around the lip line. :( Then again, it might just be me... I am like a small child in a lot of ways, I tend to make a mess of myself!

  4. This is a great colour on you, I also love your blush and eye makeup in the pictures! I have never tried anything from NP, it is not available anywhere near me at the moment.

  5. Thanks Vulcan Butterfly! Too bad you aren't near anywhere that carries this brand, I poked around the website a little and it looks like they have some neat things. It looks like it might only be available here in the US :(


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