Sunday, April 17, 2011

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 16

Hi All!

Have you guys tried the Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams yet? I have, and I love them. I have three now, which I will be reviewing separately, since I use them all differently. Today, I'll be showing you 16, which is described as "pink beige" on Sephora's website. I mostly agree with this description; if left to my own devices, I'd call it a pink-champagne color. It's very shimmery, almost to the point of being metallic. The formula for all of the Aqua Creams are like a cross between most cream shadows (dense) and a mousse product, but leaning toward the dense side. Cream is strictly accurate, but it's a little on the fluffier side. These are waterproof, smudge proof, and crease proof; they STAY PUT. Until you take them off. And even then, I have to scrub at it a little. In fact I use 16 as a base a lot of the time on days that I'm too pressed for time to do a separate base and then build shadows up on top of it; I throw this on my eye, add a darker color in the crease or on the lid, and then put something lighter on as a highlighter. The only downside to using this as a base is that it is difficult to blend on top of, although shadows stick to it and do not crease. Unfortunately, it's a bit too dark to work as a highlighter on me, but on anyone with tan or dark skin tones, it would probably work beautifully in that capacity. This can also be used on cheeks; once again, too dark to be a highlighter, and too shimmery for me to want it to be the primary cheek color, but sometimes I rub a little on the apple of my cheeks to add some shimmer and intensity to whatever else I'm wearing. These are $22 for .21 ounces of product, and in the U.S., #16 is only considered safe for use on eyes and cheeks. Some of the colors are eye and cheek safe, some are lip and cheek safe, but none are both lip and eye safe, according to Sephora, in the U.S. So, I don't know much about why the FDA says things aren't safe for different areas, but I suspect if you really wanted to use one of these somewhere you're not supposed to, you could do some research, since I am pretty sure (don't quote me! I think I read this somewhere, but on hearsay) that these are all able to be used anywhere in several other countries, according to their regulatory laws. Or something. I doubt it would kill you to use these where they don't belonv, but it might irritate you, so I'm not recommending it!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

Aqua Cream in 16

Make Up Forever Aqua Cream, Shade 16

Swatched heavily on the left, blended out on the left
 In the following pictures, I have Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 16 blended out on my cheeks on top of blush, and opaque on my lid (with a Urban Decay's Sellout as a highlighter in the inner corners and under the brow bone). Just for reference, I use my fingers to apply this product.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 16 on face and cheeks 

Aqua Cream in 16 on my lids

16 on my cheeks and eyes, with flash

16 on my eyes; you can see the sheen of it blended out on my cheeks here, too! 
Rating: 9 out of 10 

Love this product! I only wish the packaging were a little better; it's hard to get my fingers down to product level, and the plastic feels a little cheap. Oh well. The product itself rocks; it stays on forever, it is opaque with a surprisingly small amount of product, and is fairly easy to work with; just make sure you blend out quickly, as it dries almost immediately. These are really versatile products, and the range of colors is impressive. I've had this color for about nine months now, and it's not dried out at all. If you've not used these, go check them out! There's a wide range of colors, and this is a really versatile one.


  1. I do hate when a great product has sucky packaging. xP

  2. I have had my eye on these but never tried them as they are a bit pricey and I was afraid they would crease! I also never thought that they would be good on lips or cheeks! Great review!

  3. I have two more I'm going to post reviews of in the near future, too; another eye/cheek one and a lip/cheek one. So far I've been really happy with all of them! And I read that these were all designed to be used anywhere on the face, but I don't know about different countries' regulations... Just that it's a bummer you're not supposed to use this one on the mouth, or the lip ones on the eyes. I would totally break the rules though, if I had a look in mind that these would work with.


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