Saturday, February 4, 2012

Poppy King for No. 7

Hello, all!

Sorry for the brief hiatus, school started two weeks ago, and I finally had to get my butt in gear and go down to campus and get enrolled in my "classes" for this coming semester. I say "classes" as opposed to classes since I am technically just focusing on researching and writing my thesis this semester (it's on Richard II, for curious parties...), and it is a very strange feeling to not have a syllabus and assigned reading, class meetings, etc...

Anyway, I was at Target last night and saw that the Poppy King collection for No. 7 was on clearance. Seeing as how I had already photographed my purchases from that collection, I figured I had better get the photos up before it was too late!

If you aren't familiar with the collection, Poppy King (of Lipstick Queen fame) has designed a small release with Boots No. 7, which are available at Target stores in the US. It features 8 shades available either as lipstick or lipgloss. I originally picked up a couple of the lipsticks and three glosses, which are what I photographed here. Of course, when I saw they were on clearance for $5.50 (they were originally $10), I snagged a couple of the shades I hadn't gotten originally! I may post those separately later. I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by these; the packaging is chic and cute, much nicer than what I expected from a product readily available at Target. The lipstick cases are very small brushed lavender metal, and the glosses have brushed lavender tops with tiny polka dots on it. The lipsticks and glosses are both really great formulas. I'm not sure if this is the standard No. 7 formula or not, since I don't own any other lipsticks or glosses by them, but the glosses are moisturizing and cushiony without being sticky at all, and have a nice amount of pigment; they tint my lips, but aren't opaque. They also feature doe-foot applicators, which are my favorite lipgloss delivery device!  The lipsticks are moisturizing and offer sheer to medium buildable coverage (at least the ones I got!). The lipstick shades are Power (a bright yellow pink) and Seduction ( brown-burgundy). Power is a bit more opaque than Seduction, and offers the faintest hint of shimmer, whereas Seduction is a glossy sheer cream. The gloss shades are Seduction (brown-burgundy), Power (bright yellow leaning pink) and History (a read that reads a touch pink).  Lipsticks offer .12 ounces of product, glosses a full .2 ounces.

So. Lots of pictures. Be warned!

The boxes. Cute!

And here are the products out of the boxes: 

Poppy King No. 7 lipstick case

Poppy's signature is on the twisty part of each lipstick! 
 These are fairly small lipstick cases, even though there is a normal amount of product in each one. I took a picture next to a NARS lipstick for comparison purposes:

Poppy King for No. 7 (right) next to a NARS lipstick (left) 
 Lipstick Swatches:

Seduction on the left, Power on the right
 Lipgloss swatches! You can see that while these aren't opaque glosses, they're very pigmented and almost a little bit milky. They look really nice and cushiony on the lips.

Left to Right: Seduction, Power, History

Wearing Seduction Lipstick

Seduction Lipstick

Wearing Power Lipstick

Power Lipstick

Wearing Power Lipgloss

Power Lipgloss

Wearing History Lipgloss

History Lipgloss

Wearing Seduction Lipgloss

Seduction Lipgloss

See any you like? If so, run out and grab them while you still can! I couldn't find these on Target's website, but they definitely still had a ton at my local store on a clearance-designated end cap in the beauty section. I thought these were great quality for the price at full price, so for half off, you can't afford to miss out on these if they sound like something you want!


  1. The Seduction lipstick looks beautiful! All of the glosses look very pretty! You have great taste in lip colors! They all look so nice on you! Thesis on Richard II sounds like fun :) Good luck on your researching and writing!

  2. Pretty! I like the darker lipstick a lot :)

  3. It's a great shade, it goes with a lot!

  4. Oooh, these are gorgeous! Boots No. 7 isn't a brand that I've tried, I'm not even sure if it's available in Canada or not.

  5. Aren't they pretty? It's my understanding that it's a British brand that's only available here through Target, although I've seen some of their skincare at Ulta as well.


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