Friday, February 17, 2012

NOTD: Zoya, Rimmel, & OPI

That's right. I'm mixing my nail polishes.

Well, layering, to be more exact. I dove into my extensive nail polish collection the other day, rather than just dragging a favorite out of my most-used drawer. I was on the look-out for an opaque pearly, pale nail polish color that would look a little bit subdued and demure, but still a little bit unique. I found not one, but three polishes that I thought might fit the bill once I layered them! I'm not sure how widely available these shades are anymore, but I thought I'd share my experiment with you guys anyway, not as a review, but just for fun.

Polish Number One is Zoya's Anne, a very pale, milky peachy pink color. Over that, I used Rimmel Underground in Out There, a sheer white polish packed with itsy bitsy iridescent glitter that flashes all sorts of rainbowy colors, but mostly bright white. Finally, I added a layer of OPI's I'm A Princess, You're Not!, an awesome iridescent sheer pearl that leans golden, pink, and grean, depending on which way the light hits it. Everytime I look at this bottle, I can't help but think this is what liquid nacre would look like. As per usual, I started with a base coat and finished with a top coat. I apologize in advance for the condition of my nails and cuticles; I try to take good care of them, but they are some of my many "problem children".  I'm also including more pictures than I probably should, just because I love how this combination looked from different angles and with different types of light hitting it; the combination of glitter and the iridescent finish were really interesting to look at. I'm going to be really honest here: it kind of reminds me of Sarah's dress from Labyrinth.  Anyone? Eh? Kind of? (Ok, I really secretly want that dress. Every year around Halloween, I briefly toss around the idea of buying yards and yards of acetate and making some unholy reproduction of it. And then I'll make everyone call me Sarah... Oh, uh, they already do. Back to reality, now.)

The Trio:

Zoya "Anne"

Rimmel "Out There" 

OPI "I'm A Princess, You're Not!" 

And here are some shots of the final product in different light and at different angles. I strongly urge you to view at least a couple of these larger; the sparkle and dimension is really pretty!

Ok, ok, you've all convinced me! I'll run out and buy sparkly fabric and make the dress! There. Are you happy?

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