Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NOTD: Zoya Roxy


I have another great Zoya nail polish to show you that I uncovered in my recent jaunt through my nail polish collection. Boy, I am so glad I pulled out all of my Zoya polishes again. I got most of them all at once when I took advantage of their Earth Day nail polish exchange, and while I did swatch them when I got them, some were overlooked when it came time to actually doing my nails. So, while I am rediscovering some of them, I am discovering others for the first time!  Zoya polishes are $8, but as I've said before, they often run sales and specials that can get you polishes for BOGO, free shipping, merely the price of shipping, etc... Unfortunately, they don't ship outside of the continental US.  Zoya polishes in general wear about average on me; they're also a 4-free, family owned, environmentally conscious company with a vegan formula.  Their formula, in general, tends to be a bit thick, although it dries smooth; this thickness makes the polish easy to control, and leads to lots of colors that are opaque in one coat (heads-up to stampers out there!), with all of their colors that are meant to be opaque getting there easily in two coats.  I say "meant to be opaque" because they also do a lot of great medium and sheer coverage shades, and their color descriptions clearly state how opaque a certain formula is intended to be.  They give Roxy a 4 out of 5 on the Opacity scale, and it was opaque in two coats. 

Roxy is a really neat color that comes to life on the nails. In the bottle, it looks like bright magenta glitter suspended in a warm black jelly base. On the nail, that "warm black" turns out to actually be a very rich raspberry jelly, and the glitter is pretty densely packed. It's opaque in two coats, but it's not all glitter; you get some of that beautiful jelly base peeking through, which adds a lot of depth and keeps this glitter more glam than tween. Zoya's website describes Roxy as "A sheer red-toned purple base loaded with bright purple glitter." I'm going to go ahead and say that it looks like more of a magenta/raspberry to me than red-toned or bright purple, but maybe these are just two different descriptions of the same shade; at any rate, I'm not prepared to say that Zoya's description is as egregiously inaccurate as some of Sephora's shade descriptions.  

If this shade catches your fancy, enlarge the photographs; Roxy has got such neat depth! 

Zoya's Roxy

Zoya Roxy

Zoya Nail Polish in Roxy

Zoya Roxy

Summary: Roxy is a beautiful color that is bright enough for spring and summer, but high-impact enough not to look out of place in fall and winter; I'm wearing it now as a transitional shade as I try to coax some a few more degrees of warmth out of the weather! The wear on me is average to good, and the shade is amazingly beautiful; its jelly base keeps it from looking like just another fuchsia glitter.  The quality of these polishes definitely puts it in the same league as other polishes in the same price bracket (OPI, Essie, etc...), but you can often get these on sale, and they have the advantage of being very "easy to use" polishes because of their non-streaky, thicker formula that goes on evenly and gets up to its intended level of opacity in one or two coats. 


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