Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NOTD: Zoya Norra & Nails Inc. Maddox Street

After my first try at stamping left me underwhelmed, I decided to run back to two of my favorite nail polish colors- dark vampy red, and metallic gunmetal- and see if I couldn't get a design that was more "me". I don't know if what I ended up with is quite what I pictured, but I think it's a good place to start! I used Zoya's Norra, which is a deep berry red with a subtle hint of silver frost as my base, and Nails Inc.'s Maddox Street, which is a gunmetal grey, as my design color. The stamp I used was the same lace pattern as before, only I positioned it differently this time around. The problem is that the design hardly shows up at all! I thought by using a metallic polish for the stamp, it would catch the light and show up because it's a different texture from my base color, but they're both very dark shades and from even a bit of a distance, the design is hardly noticeable. However, up close, it's really pretty. I think I'll do this again, but use a slightly brighter red or berry as my base color so the stamped design will show up better.

Zoya Norra

Nails Inc. Maddox Street
 Here is the finished nail; enlarge if you'd like to see the design better. It's really pretty, just... subtle.

Zoya Norra as a base with Nails Inc. Maddox Street stamped on top. 

I'm starting to get the hang of this stamping thing! It will definitely take me a little while to find color combinations that look ok together and aren't too loud for my taste, but slowly but surely I am getting closer!


  1. Looks great! You are doing a great job with the stamping! You will get the hang of it quickly!

  2. I think this looks neat, I can see the design but it's not in your face or anything. This is the classy version of nail stamping!

    1. Haha, thanks! Keeping it classy is my specialty ;)


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