Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Urban Decay's 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Collection

So, this is old news by now, but Urban Decay came out with a 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Collection which included 15 new eye shadow colors! It is no longer available as far as I can tell, but I stumbled upon pictures I took of swatches awhile ago, and decided to post them anyway, in case any of you stumble across this product or have the chance to swap for it.

The most exciting thing about this palette for me was that UD had moved away from their bulky Book of Shadows packaging, and that they'd included 15 all new shades. However, many of these shades are very similar to existing Urban Decay colors, or are dupeable in general. And while I like that the palette isn't as bulky as the Book of Shadows palettes, it is a pain to get into and holds fingerprints like crazy.

Here's the palette in its velvet box.

And here is the palette itself! 

I swatched each column, maintaining the top to bottom order on my wrist.

From top to bottom is Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow, and Chase.   

From top to bottom: Tainted, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence, and Deep End.  

Finally, from top to bottom, Deeper, M.I.A., Ace, Blackout, and Half Truth 

You know, I don't find myself reaching for this palette very often. I think the colors lean either very light and frosty, very bright, or very dark; there aren't many neutral daytime shades, but this is a great set of colors for some bolder looks. Don't a lot of these feel like riffs on some Urban Decay standards, though? Ace is like a purple-er version of Gunmetal, Flow is like a cross between X and Sin, Midnight Rodeo and Midnight 15 are slight variations on other popular "Midnight" colors UD has released, Vanilla is like a golder Snow, Junkshow and Evidence are very much like Asphyxia and Ransom, and the various browns are a lot like things you'll find in the Naked palette. Overall, I don't regret this purchase; the colors are interesting and different enough from Urban Decay favorites to justify having the dupes in my collection, especially since I really like Urban Decay's formula, and the differences are there, even if they're subtle. I only wish I went out more so that I could do some crazier looks and use this more often!


  1. Is it weird that my favorite is Junkshow? Hehe ;) I love how sleek this palette is...looks much more functional than their other palettes.

  2. I think this is a great palette! I just bought it as a gift for a friend and I'm hoping she thinks so too! Thanks for the swatches and your thoughts!

  3. @Bri, no, not weird at all! Junkshow is a gorgeous color, I love that Urban Decay generally includes some more experimental colors along with the basics in their sets.

    @The Peach, I think you have one lucky friend! I'm sure she'll love it, there are a lot of really fun colors in here. Let us know how she likes it!

  4. Midnight Rodeo looks gorgeous! I hadn't heard too much about this palette, but the swatches are lovely.

  5. @ Vintage Makeup, it has some really neat shades, if you get the chance to see it in person, take it! I'm not convinced that it's a product everyone needs, but it is a lot of fun.

  6. I agree, many of these look quite similar to shades that already exist. I think it is an awesome palette but I made myself resist buying it!!!


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