Thursday, December 8, 2011

Inglot Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil in 19

I am finally catching up on old swatches I've had sitting on my laptop for a couple of months! This Inglot Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil was one of the things I picked up in Las Vegas, in this haul. This is my only Inglot lip pencil, and I picked it up in 19, which is a kind of darkened coral, leaning towards a brick color. The texture is like a denser, less creamy version of NARS' Velvet Matte pencils, which isn't necessarily better or worse, just different. These are highly pigmented and wear pretty well; they're not moisturizing, but they stay put for quite awhile. No scent or taste, and they layer well with balm or gloss, although this does affect the wear time. They are $11 each and have .16 ounces of product. One note that does put a sour taste in my mouth: the cap came off in my purse and made a mess, AND the bottom plastic part snapped off and made an even huger mess. I still haven't fixed this; I wonder if melting the two parts of the product back together would do the trick, but this is a huge pain and has never happened to me with a product like this before. Right now, it's living in a ball of saran wrap so it won't get all over everything; I like the color too much to just throw it away.

And, for your viewing pleasure...

The pencil itself; not a particularly fancy or stylish package. Obviously not functional, either, since the back plastic part snapped off and the cap won't stay put... 

And here is the pencil with the cap off. 

And a swatch!

Inglot Lip Pencil in 19, no flash

Close up of 19, no flash

And 19 with flash

Again with flash

Would I buy this product again? Yes; I like the way they wear and feel on the lips, and I don't think the product settles into lines the way some lip pencils do. However, I am super bummed out that mine broke. I've thought about de-penciling it and putting it into some sort of pot, but I really love lip pencils because you can get a fairly sharp line with them, so that doesn't seem like a great solution. I hope it's just a fluke that mine came apart, but I wouldn't put these in my purse again, unless I were willing to carry them around in a  baggie just in case. If it had been pricier, I would be really upset at a failure like this; as it stands, I think the price is excellent for the product, and that maybe the packaging is the concession for such an affordable, quality lip product.


  1. ooh pretty pretty! I love AMC lip pencils! I have one in shade 20 which is like a bright, corally red.

  2. Oh awesome! Glad to hear I am not alone in my new found love of Inglot AMC lip pencils! If I get anymore, I guess I'll just have to be more careful with it so it doesn't come apart...

  3. This shade looks like it's got a little bit of brown in it. Looks pretty on you!


  4. @ Roxanne, thank you! I think saying there is some brown in this shade would be a fair assessment :)

  5. it looks very creamy and smooth,too bad your pencil broke:(

  6. I was hoping to invest in some of these when I finally get to go to Inglot. I would be very angry if this broke in my purse, they are expensive!!

  7. It looks so rich and creamy!

  8. Boo, what a shame it broke! I have couple of th ese so I hope its a fluke! Lovely colour on you!

  9. @ Benish & Rhea, it is a fairly creamy formula, as far as lip pencils go! It's super easy to apply.

    @ Vulcan Butterfly: I was disappointed! It's not the most expensive product I own, but it wasn't dirt cheap, either! Oh well, at least it is still usable...

    @ Robyn, Thank you, I think it's a nice flattering shade. And yes, it's so disappointing that it broke; I am happy to hear that you have a couple and haven't had the same problem, that makes me feel more confident about purchasing these in the future! I do love the formula.


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