Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NOTD: Sally Hansen *NEW* Hard as Nails in "Tough Taupe"

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the slow week over here! "Real Life" has been plenty busy; I caught the mother of all colds and had to host company for the holidays for a week on top of it! The house is finally back to normal; it's just me, my boyfriend, and our three lovely cats! I am still trying to finishing up my final paper (I know, it's so bad... It is long overdue, and I want so badly to feel inspired about my topic, but I'm not, and it's coming out at a slow trickle), but I promise I'll try to post more regularly!

So, without further ado, onto the pretties! I'm showing you Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Tough Taupe today, which is actually more of a warm purpley-grey cream. I wouldn't call this taupe, but it's gorgeous! I know I have several shades like this one, but I am such a sucker for them. This seems to be a new iteration of the "Hard as Nails" line; the bottle is a new shape, and the cap is black rather than white. It doesn't even look like the website has been updated with the new bottle yet! I found mine on a special display at K-Mart, and it was only $1.99! Although the bottle does contain slightly less polish than is standard, at .45 ounces. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the way this went on, too; the brush is long and thin, but the bristles are flexible, so it's easy to paint on color precisely. Because the handle of the brush is so long, though, make sure you let excess polish drip off before you start painting your nails, otherwise you'll end up with way too much lacquer pooled around your cuticles! It wore really nicely, too. The first time I painted my nails with this, I got 4 days before it started chipping like crazy, and I'm usually lucky if I get 2 full days without chips! Now, the second time I painted my nails with this color, it chipped after my usual 2 days, but this still averages out to be better than most polishes! Maybe not Tough as Nails, but after having trouble with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri line chipping on me if I look at it wrong, it's comforting to see a polish that wears a little better than average from their line, since it's so affordable, readily available, and they tend to have colors that I really like.

On to pictures!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Tough Taupe

Tough Taupe!

Here is Tough Taupe in less light

And here's Sally Hansen's Tough Taupe in more direct light! 

Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails brush

So there you have it! I'm excited to try more colors from this line since I've had such good luck with this one, and it looked like the range was big enough that I'm sure I'll find at least another shade or two that I'll like. Have you guys tried these yet? I haven't noticed the new bottle anywhere other than my local K-Mart, but I expect we'll see these rolling out to drugstores everywhere in the next month or two!


  1. Nice color! I think I like the old bottles better though ;) Have a happy new year!

  2. Thank you Bri, happy new year to you, too! I don't know that I have a strong preference for one bottle over the other, neither appeal to me especially. I wonder if this is a new formula or just new packaging?

  3. I love taupe-y shades like this! :)

  4. Me too! If you don't already have one like this, you should check this shade out!

  5. This is a very neat colour! I don't have anything like it at all.


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