Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Inglot Eye Shadows

As you may have noticed in this post, I acquired four Inglot eye shadow squares while I was vacationing in Las Vegas. I'd never used the brand before, but I was excited to after hearing rave reviews from other bloggers. I actually couldn't decide what to get the first time I went in, I was so overwhelmed by all of the things I wanted! I ended up going back in the next day and picking up a few things, including four eye shadows and a Freedom System palette to house them in. I decided on some flattering neutral colors I could use in a lot of different looks, as well as all together when I wanted a quick, no-brainer look that would go with a bunch of different outfits and be appropriate for different occasions. I have to say, I did pretty good! These four along with a highlight color are gorgeous and provide a lot of depth on the eye; a little bit of grey or brown eyeliner makes it a nice casual daytime look; if I want something more dramatic, I do darker eyeliner and add more of the two darkest colors from the palette.

Two of the shades are matte formulas. The mattes are 363 and 344. 363 is a minky mauvish brown, and 344 is a warm muddy pink. The third shade I bought is Shine 37, which is an auburn brown with a bit of a metallic glow and some fine silver shimmer. The final shade is Pearl 402, which is a glowy, iridescent hard to describe greyed pinky-orange with some brown in it. This one really adds a lot of depth to my eyes and makes them pop.

These shadows are really nice; they're all very creamy and incredibly pigmented. These are some of the easiest to work with mattes that I've encountered. The shades are $5 each and have .09 ounces of product in them; the freedom system palette that I bought to house them in doesn't seem to be available online, but the 3 slot palette is $7, and it couldn't have been much more expensive than that.

No Flash; clockwise from top left is 402, 37, 363, and 344

With flash. 

No Flash; clockwise from top left is 402, 37, 363, and 344, just like in the palette. 

With flash; same order as before. 

And here is a look I did awhile ago using these eye shadows. It was long enough ago that I'm not sure what else I used, but if I had to guess, I'd say that Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Baked is on the lower lashline, and Rockstar on the top lashline. I know I used Inglot's AMC Matte Lip Pencil in 19 in these pictures.

No Flash:

With Flash:

I've been really happy with these shadows, I'm just sad that I don't live closer to an Inglot store! These are affordable and perform great.


  1. i love how warm these colors are! great picks!

  2. I've heard great things about Inglot shadows! Looks like you chose some pretty ones ;)

  3. Love the look you did + 402 looks lush!

  4. @sugarbumpkin, thank you! They are very warm, I feel like they brighten up my whole face!

    @Bri, these are really nice shadows, I was suspicious of the hype, but consider me a convert!

    @Vintage, thanks! 402 IS pretty lush! Haha, I love that description :)

  5. Great look, I love the purple eyeliner with the lovely neutrals!


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