Friday, December 2, 2011

NOTD: Inglot 964. And some Star Trek. And a Very Fat Cat.

Hi Everyone,

I have been going through all of the photographs on my computer, and I'm finding a bunch of old things I never posted. One of my favorites is Inglot's Nail Enamel in 964, part of their Grey Collection. It's not really grey at all, though; it's a beautiful blackened purple with a bit of a pearl finish to it. I guess I can see some grey in it, but that's not the first adjective I'd use to describe it. These has .51 ounces in it, and are $8.50 each US through Inglot's Website.  I picked my bottle up at Inglot's store at the Forum Shops in Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas: Shoddily thrown together last-minute Star Trek: TOS costumes! I'd change half a dozen things if I were to do this again, but for a couple of day's work and my first time sewing knits (they wobble :( !!!), it was fine.

I'm going to be honest; I took the pictures for this post a long time ago, so I don't remember as many details about this formula as I wish I did. I do remember it being a nice, controllable formula that was fairly easy to apply, with a minimum of visible brushstrokes despite the metallic, pearly finish. The bottle and brush are both fairly basic; nothing much to recommend it, but nothing to detract from it. However, I DO remember being really disappointed at how quickly my nails chipped. I had to take this off and start over after a couple of days because it looked so bad. I know, I know, things chip faster on me than on other people; I have really awful nails. But this wore worse than average on me. Not that this stops me from wearing it, but it's a pain when I can spend $2 on a nail polish at Target that will stay looking nice for 5 days, and then spend $9 on a polish like this that looks a wreck after 2 days. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Oh well, wear time can suck it; I just want pretty colors.

Aaand, pictures:

Look at that bronzey pink flash! Some of that comes out in bright light on the nail, but it's not nearly as pronounced. 

No flash; you can see the grey tones better here. 

And with flash! See, a kind of blackened plum! 

So, no rating this time; I haven't had this on my nails recently enough to feel confident about that, and besides all that, I'm thinking about re-doing my rating scale. I feel like it got out of whack, and some things that I really genuinely liked were clocking in at a 6, and things that I didn't like all that much were getting a 5... Well, that's a whole different conversation. Suffice it to say, for now, I'll give you a few pro's (the beautiful color) and cons (it chips), and tell you that despite the cons, I still think this is a beautiful and unique polish that is worth checking out if you're into dark, edgy, vampy colors.

Aaaand, cat!


  1. SWEET COSTUMES! I love that you sewed them yourself! I have a blue original series dress like that but I got it from a costume site because I am lazy! Love your kitty :)

  2. Sorry for the months-late response! Sewing the dress was a b*tch, it's asymmetrical and had way more pattern pieces than a mini-dress should have, but I like how it turned out. I want to make another one in blue once I find The Perfect Fabric. And I'm sure my kitty appreciates the love!


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