Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

I am leaving for Sin City tomorrow, and I just wanted to share with you some of the makeup-related perks I am excited about!

In addition to having a Nordstrom, Bloomindales, and Saks Fifth Avenue on the Strip (yay makeup counters!), there is also an Inglot store, three Sephoras, one of which has a fancy-pants Make Up For Ever boutique inside of it, and a MAC Pro store. And? They're open until 11pm and midnight! Drunk late-night makeup spree? Sign me up! (Ok, maybe not, but a girl can dream, right?) Las Vegas has good make-up juju for me: housekeeping smashed a brand new bottle of foundation I brought on my last trip (purchased for the trip!) and one of the Sephoras on the strip exchanged it easy-peasy for me, AND it's where I found Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, that fabulous flakie top-coat that no one could hunt down in my neck of the woods last spring. Here's to hoping this trip brings similarly fabulous finds my way; forget gambling, I'm spending my money on makeup!

I'll try to take pictures of anything makeup related that might be of interest to you guys, (and I may even throw in a few Star Trek-related photos for Vulcan Butterfly!)

See you Ladies soon!


  1. You're making me UBER jealous but please have LOTS of fun and take TONS of pictures to share here :D Yay for you Sari!

  2. Ooh, Will you take pictures of some "going out" looks? I'm interested to see what you dream up!

  3. OH MAN STAR TREK!!!! Also, you can get drunk and go into makeup stores??? That would be, like, my DREAM. (uh, perhaps I need to cut back on my drinking, lol!)


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