Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Reds: NARS Turkish Red

Hi All,

You thought I was done with my reds, but I wasn't. I just got bored of posting lots of red lip colors! I'm including NARS' Turkish Red, a cream blush, even though it's discontinued because I love this color so much and have a sentimental attachment to it. I have owned it longer than I want to admit (let's just say it shouldn't be safe to put anywhere near my face at its age, but aside from drying out a bit, it hasn't changed in scent or color or anything!), and use it as a lip color more than I use it as a blush. Because this is a lip series, I didn't bother even putting it on my cheeks for these swatches, although I may come back in and do a cheek swatch at some point in time, if I happen to wear it anytime soon.

Because it's discontinued and its unlikely any of you are trying to decide if this is something you want to add to your collection or not, I'm not going to worry about evaluating it; I'll just show you guys the pictures!

NARS Blush case!

Turkish Red!

I still haven't hit pan... A little goes a looooong way!

Turkish Red on my lips, no flash

Turkish red on my lips, no flash

Turkish Red on my lips, flash

Turkish Red on my lips, flash
So, there you have it! I like this red a lot; using the blush on my lips gives them a soft, matte look with a lightweight feel, and this stuff is so pigmented that I don't have any trouble reaching opacity. It's also a softer red, so while it still reads "classic red!" on the lip, since it's matte and opaque, the shade is toned down enough to keep it about as subtle as a true red can be. I'm so sorry this is discontinued, it was a great color; maybe they will re-release it in a seasonal collection. Who knows!


  1. wow it works as a gorgeous lip have such pretty eyes.

  2. Great idea to use this on the lips, do you ever wear it as a blush?

  3. Thank you Benish! And Vulcan Butterfly, I do, but it's a very bright red that's hard to sheer out, so it's definitely not in my rotation of favorite blushes... if I want a red blush, I'm much more likely to turn to NARS' Exhibit A for an orange red or Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Chocolate Cherry for a more muted, deep red that has blue-er undertones.

  4. Hey, I was wondering did you buy this at a sephora or a nars counter?

    1. I bought this at Sephora back in 2004. However... that's not really relevant anymore, since-- as I regretfully had to state in the review above-- it's been discontinued :( If you've absolutely got to have it, you might try the boards on, someone might be willing to trade theirs, or you could check on Ebay. Sorry!

    2. Yeah, I know about the discontinued status. I bought one off of amazon and I was worried it might be a fake, but I found your post and it looks dang near the same. So, I was just wondering as to where you had gotten yours. :) looks like it's not fake, just olllld. I don't know what's worse. Lol, at least it was cheap I guess. That'll teach me my lesson to buy from random online retailers. Thanks for the supa fast reply! You're the greatest!

    3. Haha, sounds like it's just really old. Mine is definitely legit, and if yours looks the same, yours likely is too. Old is better than fake in my book, but then again, if it doesn't smell off or look off, I'll use it. Maybe not the best policy, but I am more scared of shady chemicals than germs. Glad to have been of service, good luck with your compact of Turkish Red!


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