Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nivea Creme

Hello All!

I'm writing about Nivea Creme today. This will be a shorter blurb than you're used to, mostly because since it's a  body product and not a cosmetic, there's no need to show you swatches or how it looks on the skin! I love this stuff; I picked it up on a whim maybe six months ago, and I'm on my third tub! I just slather it on my hands, feet, knees, and elbows before bed, sometimes putting a little on my face if it feels extra tight, sometimes putting it all over my arms and legs if they're feeling particularly dry. It's a very thick, rich creme that doesn't have a gloopy texture; it doesn't feel greasy on the skin, and doesn't leave a sticky residue, sinking in rather quickly but providing significant moisture. It doesn't smooth over the skin particularly easily, which is why I think it's better suited for use  only in really dry areas, but because it soaks in so nicely and moisturizes for so long, it's perfect for dry hands and feet. In all the times I've used this on my face, I've never had a breakout, and I have fairly sensitive skin. It has a faint, pleasant scent of roses. A 6.8 ounce tub, which is enough for a couple of months of generous, daily use, will run you about $7.50, and it is available at most drug stores and mass retailers; I buy mine at Target.

Rating: 8 out of 10 

I am hooked on this stuff! It's not the most luxurious formula, and it doesn't have a fancy scent or luxe packaging, but it's extremely effective, non-irritating (even on my sensitive facial skin or just-shaved legs), sinks in relatively quickly considering how thick it is, and doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky. It's also incredibly affordable, compared to a comparable higher-end product, such as The Body Shop's body butters (the very dry skin formula is very similar to this!), which are more than twice the price! And honestly, having used The Body Shop's body butters, I think this formula is as good, if not better, and I don't miss the strong scents in the more expensive products; this is faint enough that it won't clash with other scented products  or perfumes you use. If you need a heavy duty moisturizer for hands or feet, or have been using more expensive body butters and are looking for a more economical option, give these a try! It's such a versatile product, too; you can use it really thick at night so it will be completely soaked in by morning, or just smooth a little on your dry hands before you  leave the house, and they'll be comfortable and residue free by the time you get out the door.

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