Monday, February 14, 2011

Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Quickie

Hi Dolls!

I finally hauled some of Urban Decay's new Spring products- two 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils, an Urban Glow Cream Highlight (I know, I know, these aren't as new; so sue me!) and an Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Quickie, which will be the first of these products I'm reviewing. These are a very smooth, creamy formula that is saturated with bright color, but blend in much lighter than they are in the pan without looking ashy on the skin. They don't feel sticky or heavy on the face; in fact, they dry fairly quickly, meaning you have to blend these out right away. I also like that you can use these on top of foundation without it looking like a hot mess. Patting the color on and blending out the edges gives a more noticeable, bold look, while rubbing these into the apple of the cheeks will leave a natural flush- even in a bright color like Quickie on fair skin like mine! According to Urban Decay's website, these have vitamins A, C, and E to nourish skin. They are $24 for .14 ounces. Of course, like most of Urban Decay's products, these come in an adorable little purple compact; the blushes have a silver foil snake on the lid, and a mirror under the lid, so you can apply this on the go, or throw it in your bag for touch ups. This is handy, since I do think these faded on me faster than traditional powder blushes- after about 4 hours they weren't very noticeable anymore- although I do like the natural flushed effect they give, which is glowier than a powder blush without needing shimmer. I've been having better luck using these as a base and "setting" them with a touch of powder blush, like you'd do with a cream eyeshadow. That way, I still get the effect of the cream blushes, but with a little bit extra staying power. The lid is very easy to open while still being secure, which is something I love in a compact.

Here are some pictures of the compact and packaging itself:

Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Quickie, by Urban Decay

The Package
Here's the schpeal on the back of the package:

And the back of the compact itself:

Here it is opened; it's a nice clean design of a compact with a good-sized mirror in it

Quickie, by Urban Decay
And here it is in my hand to help give you a sense of scale:

And here is the package the compact comes in; sorry these are out of order... I'm keeping you on your toes!

And here's Quickie swatched on my arm; I've blended it out on the left, and left it very heavy on the right so you can see the range of opacity. 

And here is Quickie on my cheeks; I'm also wearing a highlighter (Urban Glow Cream Highlight in Moonshine) on the top of my cheekbones, which is where the hot pink flash is coming from (not sure if you can see any of that). Quickie is completely shimmer-free. I just applied the blush with my fingers; this is a "medium" application, meaning I could have layered the color to get it brighter, or I could have used less and blended more to get a subtler, more natural flush. The blush is applied on top of foundation and powder, but without any powder product on top.

Quickie with flash!

Quickie, no flash! 
Rating: 8 out of 10

I would buy more of these colors in a heartbeat because they are completely flattering, layerable without getting streaky or patchy, and you can wear them on top of foundation and even powder. I also love that they dry down rather quickly, so you can put powder on top of these blushes to set them without them looking extra "makeupy" or powdery.  My only complaint is that I wish they'd last longer, but this seems to be the downfall of cream and gel blushes in general; at least these are easy enough to carry around that I can reapply, or add a little bit of powder blush on top to help eke out a couple more hours of wear. 

P.S., this shade- along with three others of the Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tints- is vegan! And Urban Decay is a cruelty-free brand :) 


  1. I really like this!! And it looks so pretty on you!! Can't wait to check this out!

  2. Thank you! They come in lots of neat colors, you really should see them :)


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