Friday, September 21, 2012

NYC Lipsticks; on sale now at Rite Aid!

Hi everybody, hope you're doing well! I am popping in to show you a couple of lipsticks that are on sale now at Rite Aid! I just bought them tonight, and I don't have any other NYC lipsticks (which is so weird; I feel like I should have at least a couple...) so I haven't had any time to test the wear or get a good feel for them, but I was really impressed with both of the shades I bought and thought I would give you guys a heads up while they're still 40% off; I believe the sale only runs through 9/22, so hurry if you want to take advantage of this! Luckily, both of these items are inexpensive enough that even if you miss the sale, you won't be breaking your budget if you choose to pick one of these up.

I purchased Sheer Red from the Ultra Moist line of lipsticks (which is normally $.99 but is on sale for $.59) and Mousse from the Ultra Last line (normally $1.99, currently $1.19). Sheer Red isn't really all that sheer; it's about the finish and opacity of some of the more pigmented Revlon Lip Butters, so it can be built up to be opaque in just a couple of passes, and has a semi-glossy finish. It's a fairly neutral toned brick red shade; it doesn't scream "blue red" but it doesn't pull too orange, either. Mousse is a semi-matte opaque lipstick, and is a pale caramel rose-nude shade. I was surprised at how much I liked both of these shades on me, especially given that I couldn't swatch them or try them on before purchasing them. Deep wine-reds are very hit or miss for me, since I am so fair and since I have warm undertones. This holds doubly true for nudes; they almost all look awful on me, and even ones I think will be safe usually aren't. I tend to have to settle for pale rose and brown shades that are too dark to be really truly nude. Mousse is nearly the exact same color of my lips, but a bit rosier, and a touch lighter.

Sheer Red, two passes. I needed a second pass to keep the color from being uneven, but I didn't build it up quite as much as I probably could have.

NYC Sheer Red

One pass on the left, three on the right

And here is Mousse.

Swatched gently on the left, two firmer passes on the right
I'm going to try to give you an idea of how this compares to my natural lip color, so I've included a picture of my bare lips, a picture where I am wearing the lipstick only on one half of my lips, and then a picture wearing the lipstick regularly.

Bare lips

One pass of lipstick on the left side of my mouth
 And here I am wearing an opaque coat of lipstick on all of my mouth, like a normal person.

So there you are. Go forth and buy lipstick! But seriously, even though I can't speak to the formulas since I don't have much experience with them, I think these two shades are a great addition to a lipstick wardrobe. I didn't notice anything glaringly obnoxious with either formula; neither seemed moisturizing, and both were on the thin side but If you are lacking a nice brick red and a nice nude, I think these are options worth picking up, especially while they're on sale!


  1. I'm slowly starting to know NYC and I'll try these, they look good!

    1. I really need to try more of their products as well!

  2. Nice colours! I have had a couple of these in the past but I found that the formulation wasn't great. I found that they didn't wear very long and didn't stay in place all that well on my lips. That was a long time ago though, perhaps they have improved their stuff since then!

    1. Aww, that's too bad! Hopefully they've improved the formula... For the price, I won't be too disappointed if the formula isn't the best, but it would be nice to find a good lipstick at this price!

  3. Those shades are definitely great to have in any collection! And I love your glasses!!!!! :)

    1. Haha, thanks! I like my glasses, too! I don't wear them as often as I probably should... I'm not blind without them, but they definitely help!


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