Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great Reds: NARS Viridiana

Next up in the series is another NARS red lipstick, this time Viridiana! As I said in yesterday's post regarding Jungle Red, Viridiana retails for $24, is a semi-matte formula, and comes with .12 ounces of product. It has a vaguely herbal scent, but it's very subtle. It feels very light and natural on the lips, and is very pigmented. The formula just hugs the lips, in a way that is hard to describe; once it's on I don't feel it, it doesn't seem to smudge off every chance it gets, and it applies beautifully. Because of the texture, I don't have to worry about it getting patchy or creasing, and it is easy to keep it in the lip lines even when applying straight from the tube. I find NARS lipsticks stay on for about 4-5 hours on me if I don't eat or drink, and wear off pretty evenly, leaving a bit of a stain on lips. I also find this formula very easy to apply precisely, and they don't tend to smudge out of the lip line like some other formulas do. This is a very sophisticated shade that, against my better judgement, I am going to call "Oranged Berry." Sounds contradictory, right? I know, but this is an unusual and subtle shade, and I'm afraid that the photos don't do it justice. If you have been looking for a grown-up red that isn't bright and flashy, but still reads "red", this may be just the ticket. This is a red my mother would wear to run errands, and I mean that in the nicest possible way; it's safe and classic, rather than retro and sexy, truly the type of  shade every red lipstick lover needs to have in her arsenal!

NARS' Rubberized Lipstick Tube- I've had this one for awhile, it's showing its age! 

Viridiana, by NARS

NARS' Viridiana

A swatch of NARS' Viridiana 

Viridiana on my lips, no flash

NARS' Viridiana, no flash

NARS Viridiana, flash!

And NARS Viridiana, flash!

Rating: 9 out of 10

Like I've said before, NARS lipsticks are some of my favorites. I don't feel the need to go over why again; suffice it to say that this is my HG lipstick formula, and I have yet to be let down by a NARS shade, they have been flattering and nuanced in my experience. Once again, it could be that I've just found a line that is particularly flattering to my coloring, but I like to think that others will have the same experience with NARS! 


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