Sunday, July 3, 2011

China Glaze: Hey Doll

Hey Doll(s)!

I know this is a discontinued color from China Glaze's fall 2010 collection, but I'm showing it to you guys anyway! Maybe you'll be able to trade for it, or find it in a dusty clearance bin, or hunt it down on ebay. At any rate, I love metallic nails, but I wanted something warmer and summerier than my usual gunmetal and champagne fare. Surprisingly, Hey Doll, marketed as a fall color, fit the bill to a "T"! It's a metallic pinky mauvey bronze with some greenish flecks of glitter, and while it's a great fall color, I think it's a nice compromise for a warm summertime metallic, too! This would look just smashing with some cream wedges or bronze flip flops, or maybe to add a bit of edge to a flowy black sun dress.

I won't bother with a rating or the relevant information about purchasing this polish, since it was LE, but I wanted to share it anyway! At any rate, it's your typical China Glaze; average to good wear (for me, that means about 3 or 4 chip-free days), .5 ounces of polish, and a rather watery formula that behaves and delivers complete opacity in two coats, Do any of you guys own it? Is it something you've missed out on and regretted not snagging? Have any summertime favorites for polishes?

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