Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Reds: NARS Jungle Red


If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you may have caught onto the fact that I'm a big fan of red lipsticks. After years of thinking I couldn't wear red lipstick for various reasons (I'm too pale, my lips are too big, etc...), I finally got over it and realized wearing red lipstick is more about having the confidence to pull it off than any specific coloring or lip type. Apparently researchers at Manchester found that red lips hold a man's gaze longer than other colored lips, and increase perceived attractiveness. I don't know if this is the case across the board, but I definitely feel like people in general notice when I wear red lipstick. So, because I want everyone to find a red lipstick they love, I've decided to do a series on red lipstick!

I'm starting this with NARS' lipstick in Jungle Red. It retails for $24, is a semi-matte formula, and comes with .12 ounces of product. It has a vaguely herbal scent, but it's very subtle. It feels very light and natural on the lips, and is very pigmented. The formula just hugs the lips, in a way that is hard to describe; once it's on I don't feel it, it doesn't seem to smudge off every chance it gets, and it applies beautifully. Because of the texture, I don't have to worry about it getting patchy or creasing, and it is easy to keep it in the lip lines even when applying straight from the tube. I find NARS lipsticks stay on for about 4-5 hours on me if I don't eat or drink, and wear off pretty evenly, leaving a bit of a stain on lips.

Classic NARS black rubberized lipstick case


Here is the bullet; Jungle Red!

And a swatch of Jungle Red

NARS Jungle Red on my lips, no flash

NARS Jungle Red, no flash

NARS Jungle Red lipstick, flash

NARS Jungle Red, flash

Rating: 9 out of 10

As you may or may not have already gathered, I am a huge fan of NARS lipsticks. The formula is great, there's no taste, the scent is very faint and herbal, and they go on great. Also, their colors are flattering like nobody's business. I don't know if it's just that they are good at designing shades for my coloring, but seriously, if you haven't tried them already, please do! Even if you just try them on in a store and don't purchase anything. I think their reds are especially flattering; Jungle Red is certainly a show-stopping red, but ends up being a bit muted on the lip, which makes it infinitely wearable. Just a note, I see this as a true red that leans "yellow red", meaning it might work better on skin tones that lean slightly golden, although I suspect it is neutral enough to flatter cool tones as well.


  1. This looks lovely; the fact that you have really beautiful lips only adds to the effect! =D

  2. it looks very soft and smooth..your lips are not too big and no doubt red looks pretty on you:)

  3. Red lipstick is absolutely a great color on you and I'm glad you know that your old excuses for not wearing red is bologna!

  4. Thank you Benish and VijiiS! :P

  5. Great colour! I think it looks great on you! I've thought about buying this one in the past, NARS stuff is always really nice.

  6. Thank you Vulcan and sugarbumpkin! I still hear people using those excuses, now I just have to convince the rest of the world they're bologna! And Vulcan, you should go for it the next time you're in the market for a lipstick, it's a really neat color! I think it would look great on you!


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