Friday, June 10, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish in Lillith


Still away, but I've got another scheduled post for you guys! Today I'm showing you Lillith, a fantastic, crazy, hot pink/fuchsia by Zoya. It's a hard shade to classify; not quite a frost, a shimmer, or a duochrome, it borrows elements from each to make a really neat, complex shade. Zoya polishes are 3-free and are available through They are $8 for a .5 ounce bottle, although I got my Zoya polishes through an earth day promotional trade-in, where you mail them old polishes that they'll dispose of for you, and just pay for shipping. This was 2 earth days ago, and I think they may have modified the deal to make it even better, so keep your eyes open for this! They last a couple of days on me without chipping, which is average; I have heard that they do better with their own Color Lock system, as opposed to random base and top coats, so some of the problem could be that I use Seche Vite on top of them (which is not 3-free, and sometimes doesn't play nice with polishes that are)! At any rate, Zoya has a fabulous selection of shades; the website can be a little bit overwhelming. Lillith isn't a color that I consider to be very representative of the types of polish colors I generally gravitate towards, but it is beautiful.

The bottles are a distinct shape, and the cap is easy to grip and unscrew; I only wish the wand were a teensy bit longer to help with manuevering. I tend to bump my thumbnail up against the cap when I try to paint my nails! The formulas are comparable to Essie, a little on the thick side, but still workable. They go where you put them, although I wouldn't go so far as to say they apply themselves like some of the very best polishes to work with do. However, they're certainly not a frustration! However, I do notice a lot of drip off the wand of the brush, so make sure that you hold it over the bottle and get rid of the excess before you start applying the lacquer to your nail.

Zoya's Lillith

Lillith with two "l"'s! 

See that flash of purple and flash of frost?? Lillith is multifacted! 

Lillith: This one gets bigger and is a good example of this shade's depth and the shimmer! (The lumpiness is from my old Seche Vite, not Lillith!)

Zoya's Lillith under flash! 

Rating: 7 out of 10

Nothing amazing about this polish, but it's a lot of pretty good things coming together in one package with no real deterrent! I know Ulta has begun carrying a few of Zoya's polishes in the store, but Zoya's website has a huge collection! If you've never ordered from them, I urge you to keep them on your radar, or maybe sign up for their mailing list so you'll get notified when they do a promotion or sale. I'm always nervous about ordering things online without being able to sample them in person, but the deal I got this haul for was so worth it, and I've really enjoyed these polishes.


  1. So pretty! Quite a unique shade as well, I do think Zoya polishes are overpriced, but I haven't tried the,

    They sound good, but about average. :)

  2. I agree that they're about average, except when it comes to their extensive shade range! I don't know that I'd pay full price unless I chanced upon a really awesome color, since you have to deal with shipping and all that hassle, but keep your eyes open for a sale! It's a pretty good formula and they have some unique shades!


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