Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red and Sparkly Nails, Oh My!

Hi Guys!

I love over the top glittery nails, and I love vintage reds. What happens when you combine the two? Sheer wonderment. It's like shiny sparkly sex on my nails. If you ignore the shabby application and ragged cuticles. (Please do.) At any rate, I wanted something over the top for my birthday, so I layered Zoya's Delilah on top of Savvy Femme Couture in Mistletoe, and the result is a great opaque red shimmer with depth. Unfortunately, Mistletoe chips like crazy, so I've had to re-polish the tips and re-apply topcoat daily to maintain these babies. It's basically the nail-polish equivalent of stilleto heels; hot, but a pain in the neck.



  1. I love sparkly reds! I've been meaning to get one. It looks fabulous on you :)

  2. This shade is so great on you!


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