Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MUFE HD Blush in Innuendo (1)

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If all goes off as planned, I am on a plane right now! But through the magic of technology (and scheduled postings), this should be coming to you anyway! Now, I hauled waaaay too much crap when Sephora was running their VIB sale, and I meant to take a picture of the pile of makeup, but that didn't happen. Suffice it to say, this was a result of that gigantic and ill-advised shopping trip. However, don't write this product off as an impulse buy! The MUFE HD blushes are a long-wearing cream blush that come packaged in a pump container, which I love; I always get fuzz in my pots of cream products, so this is a great way to keep everything sanitary. And, you can just tap the pump lightly to get a little bit out; a little goes a really long way with this product, I can't imagine ever using a full pump of this in one application! These will run you $25 for .33 ounces of product, but I assure you, that .33 ounces will last you a very long time!

I picked up shade 1, listed as "Innuendo" on the Sephora website. It's described there as "Vibrant Plum", which does a little to describe the shade, but I would add that it is definitely a berry color; it's got a lot of purple as well as bright pink tones, and it's very true to color; no brown or beige muddying this up or softening it. Now, why did pale me go for a shade this dark and bright? Who knows! I love color. However, this blends beautifully, and after I set it with powder, it's bold but not clownish. It sets quickly, so make sure that you blend as soon as you put it on; I pat a couple of very small dots on my cheekbones and then blend them out quickly, working on cheek at a time so it can't dry down. I always use fingers to apply. Once it's on, it stays all day; I wear it on top of foundation and under my powder, and haven't noticed it adversely affecting the textures of either. It sits on top of my foundation without rubbing it off, and powder doesn't get "sticky" or clumpy on top of it, since it dries to a nice natural matte finish with no tackiness.

The package!

MUFE's description of their HD Blush

Ingredients of MUFE HD Blush

Innuendo is no. 1

MUFE HD blush in Innuendo, in the pump

Swatch of MUFE HD Blush in Innuendo; blended out on the left, a dallop on the right! 

MUFE HD blush in Innuendo, no flash

MUFE HD Blush Innuendo, flash!
Rating: 8 out of 10

I hate that you have to move so quickly to blend this, and I wish it were a little cheaper, but this is a really  neat advancement in the world of cream blushes! It blends really well, stays on, and is incredibly pigmented. I'm planning on trying a more subtle color once I have the funds to do so; I bet this would be a great formula for contouring, too, for those of you who do a lot of that! It's definitely buildable, although don't expect to be able to use it much sheerer than I have here; it's a really pigment-heavy product, and it might look patchy and not cover evenly if you tried using too little product for the surface area you're trying to cover (if that makes sense). However, with a pretty generous shade range, even if Innuendo isn't for you, there's sure to be a shade that you'll love, and the formula is really great. With this kind of staying power, this is going to be a summer staple!


  1. Interesting packaging, it looks gorgeous on you! Gives a nice dewy glow

  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

  3. I've heard so many great things about these blushes! The colour you picked looks great on you!


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