Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fellow Blogger Picasa Help Please!

Hi guys! I was trying to get some content up and I ran into the "No more storage space in Picasa!" problem other bloggers have been seeing. I'm not opposed to paying to upgrade my storage option, but I want to know what others have done before I commit to that. When I went to look into that option, it said that I was only using 59% of my Picasa storage space... Has anyone ever had this error before? How did you resolve it?


Thanks guys!


  1. I didn't run out of Picasa storage space, but I somewhat recently switched to using Gimp as my photo editing program. It has more editing options and is closer to Photoshop in terms of features. Everything gets saved onto my hard drive, and then I just upload to blogger. My two major dislikes so far is that doing my watermark is a little more difficult, and when you edit your photos, it automatically saves it in the programs own special format, and then you have to export back to a JPEG. The nice thing about this is that you can go back to the Gimp formatted picture and make changes, so, for example, if I messed up on my watermark (it's happened), I can go back and fix it instead of having to go back to the original photo and start over.

  2. I have no idea but a lot of people have been having problems with this. Sorry I cant help. /=

  3. I have the same problem recently , i don't know any solution for this :(
    It's pretty annoying .

  4. Never ever hear of that and i've had my blog since 2008 with over 400 post. I would definitely report it in the google help center - http://support.google.com/blogger/?hl=en

  5. I DID pay to store my extra pics. It WAS $5 per year to do this, which I figured that since I use blogger for free and don't pay for a domain that $5 a year isn't that bad. HOWEVER, they have changed their storage fees. If you originally had the $5 per year option, you get to keep it but now it is a lot more confusing and I don't like the options they provide. I have heard that some people use Flickr, etc. to upload their pictures from and this works okay. I am kind of annoyed at their whole "CREATE YOUR FREE BLOG" and then they surprise you with storage fees a year later. BOO!

  6. Same issue! I'm currently uploading my pics onto Imageshack but I have to say I hate it, it takes me longer and I don't really like having too many accounts.


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